Jerry Fadgen, CPA

About Us

Jerry Fadgen lives in Plantation and he loves it! He also enjoys being a city councilman and President Pro Tem of the Plantation City Council.

Several hundred successful clients, both high income individuals and businesses rely upon Jerry Fadgen for tax advice.

Jerry’s mantra in tax planning for businesses has always been:

"Plan your tax strategy as seriously as you plan your profits. The government can be an expensive business partner, because so many taxes are hidden. It is not unusual to find that over 50% of your profit is going to one tax or another."


Every day, in every way, we strive to be the best team of professionals, dedicated to providing financial peace of mind for our clients. We are committed to building and maintaining a lifetime relationship with each and every client based upon integrity, compassion, and exceptional service. Through this and more, we positively enrich the lives of countless individuals and their loved-ones.

Did you know?

April 15 is officially tax day, but it is also:

Leonardo da Vinci's birthday, the day Abraham Lincoln died, the day General Electric was incorporated, the day the Titanic sank and the day that McDonald's served its first hamburger.

There are 66,498 pages of federal tax rules in the commonly used Standard Federal Tax Reporter. In 1913, when the federal income tax was introduced, there were 400 pages